Principal Message

As a school principal at Anna Lindh International School Permam, it has always been an honor to be a member of the Cambridge academic institutes. As far as my position is concerned as a school principal, our commitments are mainly focused on establishing healthy, academic, innovative environment to unleash our students’ creative skills and potentials. Hence, building a new mindful generation that is capable of initiating a brighter future for themselves and their own country as well. In addition, one of our essential priorities is to provide a really qualified educational system based on the new criteria of modern learning. Such goals are fulfilled by adapting unique methods of teaching that suit the required curriculum so as to achieve the intended academic objectives. Achieving the required purposes in any academic environment needs to be accompanied with the focus on our student’s personal and diverse abilities and interests. This kind of focus will create a positive motivation for our students throughout working and utilizing their weak and strong traits as individuals for their own benefits. Thus, our main attitude towards learning is built on sincere partnership and shared responsibility regardless any kind of discrimination throughout the teaching process. So, it will be our genuine honor and pleasure to receive any fruitful ideas or feedbacks for the sake of our students.

Lina Qarani 
Anna Lindh International School-Permam. 

Permam, Salahaddin, Erbil, Kurdistan


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